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Give Me Shemales – Created for people who love Shemales.. Not Only that, but to learn more about Shemales and the Trans community. This site is coming from a completely admiration stand point to “shemales” and trans people. Now we hope to inform people about trans life, but this site is mostly for men who want something more dirty. Porn and Information on Shemales, what could you ask for? So what are you in the mood for? Shemale pictures, gifs or maybe porn videos? You’ll have a lot to choose from 😉

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( Disclaimer: The term Shemale may be offensive

to some in the transgender community. However, most men believe this to be an endearing and lust-filled term to express interest. So men and anyone else trying to chat with or talk with a trans person, make sure the term is not offensive beforehand )


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Bailey Jay

Meet Bailey Jay, she’s one of the most beautiful TGirls and popular as well. She is considered to be the most attractive and passable Shemales in the world. As a matter of fact she is by far more than just passable. She is the very essence of beauty in the Trans world. So please feel free to check out this free Bailey Jay Media and have fun!!

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Busty Kimber

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Introducing Kimber James – Busty Kimber, Big tits, nice ass and hot face. Kimber could be one of the very hottest Shemales in the world. Kimber James has been in modeling/porn pre operation and post operation. So you will be able to enjoy her with her penis and after she completed her journey in transitioning.. Enjoy.

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Adriana Rush

Meet Adriana Lynn Rush, she’s so beautiful and feminine. You will be addicted to Adriana by the time you are done with her porn.. Trust me. She’s passable, sexy and horny, please give her some love. So please feel free to check out this free Adirana Lynn Rush and have fun!!

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Carmen Moore

Meet Carmen Moore, she’s the most beautiful, asian TGirl in the world! Exotic and beautiful, you will never find another asian shemale like Carmen. If you like asian shemales and tgirls, she’s then she’s exactly what you desire. So please feel free to check out this free Carmen Moore Media and have fun!!

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